We add relevant data to your video content.

Worldwide, every second, one hour of video is uploaded. We profile millions of videos and bring relevancy to the content. Increasing the value for both content providers and advertisers. We offer premium artists, unique videos and the latest technology of video-tagging. Want to know what’s works best for you?

Content providers

VideoDeals can profile all your videos and brings relevancy to the content. Recognizing faces, products, logos and audio.

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Advertising in video? The In Roll advertisementTM is the next step in Online Marketing, using video content as an advertising space.

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Bringing people together to enjoy entertaining video content coupled with instant buying in a totally new online shopping experience.

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PicmyFace, share all your pics with your friends through social media, in realtime.
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Did you miss our webinar about the evolution of video recognition?
Dont worry you can see the presentation here: VideoDeals webinar
VideoDeals showed direct selling during the SuperTrash fashion show, by using our live streaming technology.
In November we attended the TedX Event in Amsterdam. We demonstrated our Face Recognition technology during the event, it was a blast! Read the full story on our Facebook page.